Regional Plan Association: Highlands Corridor



Highlands of NY, NJ, and CT 


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Port Urbanism and Range

The Regional Plan Association will shortly release its long-range vision for the 31 metropolitan counties of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut--the Fourth Plan. Developed with the input of many stakeholders, this regional plan will propose goals, investments and policies that will shape how and where the metroregion develops over the next quarter-century. RPA's blueprint  reflects an ambitious vision for affordability, equity, health, resiliency, ecology and livability. Regional Plan Association Announcement

To augment its planning effort, RPA organized a design competition, and selected 4 teams to develop design projects that embody the Fourth Plan recommendations. Each team advocated for one of 4 territories in the metroregion. With our colleagues at PORT URBANISM, we were awarded the Highlands Corridor. The PORT and RANGE collaboration will bring systems thinking to the Highlands Corridor to optimize the periphery and increase its ecological and infrastructural function. The team’s experience with many kinds and scales of design will be trained on creating new areas of production and crafting dynamic interfaces between strengthened centers of settlement and larger ecosystem networks. RPA's design competition extends the work Range designers did in the Producing Region studio in 2014.